• 11kv line pole to pole distance pdf

    11kv line pole to pole distance pdf

    Please could you tell me what is the minimum distance between the transmission lines of AT kV and wind turbine wind turbines. Whether living in a house under a 11 KV power line will be safe? Kindly let me know. I propose to buy a plot where such a line passes. Whether living near such line not exact;y below is also harmful?

    Can a kv transmission line be place 3 meters from a house and also can it pass through plots and residental area.

    Types of Electric Poles in Overhead Transmission Lines

    Would you help me in giving me the Standards or the distance? I am involved in a project where we are connecting a HV line into a substation. Now to do that we have two options: 1- We need to go parallel to a gas pipeline for about 2 km, and as a result block any other future lines i.

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    Please let me know the distance require near KV transmission line and for construction of 3 stories business building. If possible speak to me. Chengal ReddyHyderabad Please give some reference from NESC for the clearance of transmission lines. That will also help us in finalizing the design.

    NESC is internationally accepted standard. Search for:. Premium Membership. More Information. Related EEP's content with sponsored links. It helps you to shape up your technical skills in your everyday life as an electrical engineer. Jignesh Parmar Jignesh Parmar has completed M. Tech Power System ControlB. E Electrical. Ajit kumar. Bhrigu Kumar Nath Jul 19, Djai Jun 18, Chengal Reddy, Farmers activist Apr 25, For a rural electrification project in district Gonda in UP, we need to draw Electrical Single line diagram and fill survey data rough sketch in hard copy.

    The sample will be given. According to the criteria, the SLD rough will need to drawn.

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    See more: job architectural hand sketchroom perspective hand sketchdraw web sketch flash11kv double pole structure drawingmagnetic field lines around a bar magnet quizlet11kv line pole to pole distancehow to draw magnetic field lines around a bar magnet11kv overhead line constructionwhich of the following would decrease the magnetic field around a wire11kv overhead line design pdfdescribe an experiment to identify the pattern of magnetic field lines, including the directionfreelance hand sketchsoftware converting hand sketch viewhand sketch architecturalfree hand sketch artist neededhand sketch web design conceptlook hand sketch autocadarchitectural hand sketch worldlove hand sketchhand sketch photoshop.

    Professional engineer here Relevant Skills and Experience Pls attach details. Capability is my name and I am willing to handle this project. A proposal has not yet been provided. Give the details like voltage level, CT details protection you want ect based on that we developed Sld and submit you. I having knowledge in Power Plant project Stay tuned, I'm still working on this proposal. I can do this job.

    I am ready to do your project according to your instructions. Please let me know the details of the project. With regards. I have a flexible timetable that helps me to devote more attention to a new project as it characterizes me, paying attention to the details until the desired result is achieved. Relevant Skills and Experience Elect More. I'm an electrical maintenance officer in PSU in India. I have been a guide for various trainees in my plant.

    I've assisted in various electrical projects. I have 15 years of experience in Electrical heavy machinery mai More. The email address is already associated with a Freelancer account. Enter your password below to link accounts:. Looking to make some money? Your email address.Need to know minimum approach distance to a MV transformer 11kv,22kv for ordinary persons,and can a technition touch the transformer body safely. Greeting… i am not sure you will advise my enquiry as I saw you not answer any comments.

    Would you please refer to the standard that you got this information from, in order to be more specific when I negotiate with others. What should be the phase to phase and circuit to circuit distance between kV XLPE directly buried 1C cable in flat formation? Thanks Are there any regulations in India governing safe distance for construction activities? How are they governed. And for how long can it take for us to get it? What will be the permissible distance between high voltage tower and stone quarry and crushing unit please also suggest the related laws and information thanking you.

    Very informative article. What is the safe distance between a High Voltage Power grid tower and a crushing unit as per law?

    It will be helpful if you can point me to any related Act or article for more information. I am looking for the safe distance between a person sitting 8 hours per day next to a medium voltage cable 10 kv.

    Search for:. Premium Membership. More Information. Related EEP's content with sponsored links. It helps you to shape up your technical skills in your everyday life as an electrical engineer. Jignesh Parmar Jignesh Parmar has completed M. Tech Power System ControlB. E Electrical. Mostafa Elsheikh Feb 21, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Subscribe to Weekly Digest Get email alert whenever we publish new electrical guides and articles.

    The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites. Facebook Linkedin Linkedin Twitter. Minimum distances between a nozzle producing a fog stream of fresh water and a live conductor. Mobile Plant. Excavation in land more than mm depth. Excavation in land up tomm depth. Excavation in land up to mm depth. Moving Activity above height of Tower. The Horizontal clearance between cables on cable ladders.April 22, Comments. Filed under Uncategorized. About Jignesh.

    Parmar B. Tech Power System ControlB. E Electrical. Membership No:M He is Presently associate with one of the leading business group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India. Can you pl. Which standard do we refer for that??? Hai sir. IF no please send me the IS codes or any relevant documents. Jignesh Sir, i have a questiuon. IS KV overhead new line allowed in city corporation residential area as the house comes under it in mangalore, karnataka?

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    Can you please confirm me the minimum clearance required for crossing national highway with KV overhead transmission line. IE iv State in case of transformers or switches or static condensers involving the use of more than 2, litres of oil in one chamber, if suitable oil soak pits are provided. Spare oil shall not be stored in an such sub-station or switch station.

    There is no any indication for Empty Barrel. If The Authorized person said to remove barrel as a safety view than it is understood.

    field job to draw hand sketch SLD for electrical poles

    Please follow one Golden Rule Do not argue the Person who have authority so follow Instruction of authorized person to sort out issue. I am working in BHEL as a electrical engineer.

    11kv line pole to pole distance pdf

    Can you please tell me what is the minimum clearance required between 33 KV underground power cable and GAIL gas pipeline. The following minimum clearances shall be observed for respective service lines at crossing points.

    As per IS Clearances — The desired minimum clearances are as follows: Power cable to power cable Clearance not necessary; however, larger the clearance, better would be current carrying capacity Power cable to control cables : 0. Minimum vertical distance between power cables and gas pipelines in intersections.

    Water pipeline to be mm from an 11kv MV cable? Is this assumption correct? Can you please advise? I have a kva generator supply a 53km 33kV line with over 8 transformers along differents points of the load centres. How maney minimum vertical clearance should be adopted for highway construction under power line kv. What would be the cost and time for completion of mtr span. Please coment. Hi sir iam working in Here in daily 5 to 6 a day voltage fluctuavatio under voltage, over voltage i want to know what is the resens behind that fault.

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    Hi, I am interested to buy an apartment near electrical transmission line it looks like very very high power line. Builder has maintained distance from centre line of powerline to building at 75 meters. Is there any health hazard involved in living near high tension line? Please tell me what will be clear horizontal and vertical distance between kv line and building, as i am comming up with resdiantial building beside kv line in karnataka.

    For obvious reasons.The Overall power losses are mainly classified into Transmission losses, Distribution losses, Theft and billing deficiencies. Distribution losses and theft losses are mainly because of transmitting power at low load voltage profile to more number of consumers using High rating kVA Transformer.

    In case of LVDS, as more number of customers are given supply from high rating kVA transformer, as in case of any failure, more number of consumers will be affected.

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    But in case of HVDS, less number of customers is connected to low rating kVA transformer, so, less number of customers will affect at failure. The Voltage profiles and Power Losses are observed in both the cases.

    In overall economic point of view, annual savings and payback period is also determined. Authors are requested to submit articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission System of respective journal. Related article at PubmedScholar Google. In recent trends, different schemes have been proposed to reduce the losses in the distribution system and hence, to increase the efficiency of electric devices and power distribution networks.

    In distribution systems, the voltage at buses reduces when moved away from the substation, also the losses are high. The reason for high losses is the use of low voltage for distribution as in the low voltage system; the current is high and thus more losses.

    The losses in a system are due to energy dissipated in the conductors and equipment used for transmission, transformation, sub-transmission and distribution of power [1]. It is estimated that electricity theft costs in India is in crores in a year. The main advantage of using high voltage for distribution is to reduce the theft of energy and decrease in unauthorized connection as the LT lines are virtually eliminated and even short LT lines required will be with insulated cables.

    This makes direct tapping very difficult and thus increases the authorized connection which will improve revenue [2]. In Power Generation, the power is generated in the range of 6. The stepped up Voltage of kV, kV is transmitted from one end to the other end with less power loss.

    The transmission is done in such a way that kV is stepped down to kV, kV is stepped down to kV, kV is stepped down to 33kV and finally that 33kV is stepped down to 11kV at different points. In this paper, HVDS system is proposed. In distribution system, the 11kV Voltage is stepped down to V. It starts from 11kV and then stepped down to V, 3-phase that is supplied for Industrial and Agricultural loads and for rural areas V, 1-phase supply will be given.

    Distribution is of two types i. In primary distribution, the voltage is transferred from Substation to Distribution Transformers, where the 11kV voltage is stepped down to V. The supply may be 3-phase or 1-phase depending upon the load. Economic development of a country depends on energy availability and its consumption [3]. Technical Losses include the losses due to the heat dissipation resulting from current passing through conductors and magnetic losses in transformers, Resistive losses in windings and the core losses, resistive losses in service line and losses in kWh meter.

    These losses cannot be eliminated but can be reduced. Non-Technical Losses are the losses which include, power theft by hooking the lines, unauthorized connections from the power line, loss at the loose connection ends etc. These losses can be eliminated by taking some precautions. Power losses are mainly classified into Transmission losses, Distribution losses and Theft and billing deficiencies. It is clear that, Distribution losses are more when compared to Transmission losses.

    Distribution system with low voltage employs four core cables and LT lines and multiple loads fed from a bulk power transformer resulting in losses [4]. The drawbacks of low voltage distribution are as follows: i High Rating Distribution Transformers are required to supply the Power to the consumers. Only 12 consumers are authorized, but 8 more unauthorized connections are making all the consumers to suffer with low voltages.

    Three phase HVDS maintains better voltage profile to agricultural loads [7]. In HVDS instead of using Low Tension lines which transfer low voltages, High Tension lines are used in such a way that 11kV voltage is transferred near to the load centres. Gundraju Kuppam is the village which is 10km far away from Puttur and the substation has 11 feeders.Volleyball is an internationally popular sport.

    Whether played in junior high school gymnasiums or the beaches of Brazil, it attracts players of all ages and nationalities. In determining where on the court to place the volleyball net posts, various organizations rely on the regulations set forth by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball FIVB. The volleyball net resides at the center line. On a volleyball court, the center line serves as a dividing line between two equal 9-meter-by-9 meter squares 29 feet by 6 inches.

    11kv line pole to pole distance pdf

    The center line itself belongs equally to both sides of the court. Two rounded metal poles support either side of the volleyball net, which is secured tightly to the poles by net ties. International competition play requires all poles to lie 1 meter away from the court sideline.

    This measurement allows for adjustment in noninternational play to accommodate different court configurations and space limitations. The standard volleyball net pole stands a distance of 2.

    To reduce the chance of injury, referees examine poles before every match to ensure that no exposed wires or dangerous metal pieces exist that could cause harm to players. In some venues, volleyball poles are substituted with suspended ceiling-mounted net supports.

    The height of a volleyball net changes depending on level of play. To accommodate for different physical characteristics in age groups, net heights remain lower for children age 14 and under, women age 45 and older and men age 55 and older.

    To meet FIVB safety regulations, volleyball poles must contain padding up to 1. The thickness of the padding must measure at least 1. The padding material must create shock absorption and be clearly visible in appearance. Should a referee platform, which is required in international competition, contain exposed poles or legs, those should also include proper padding up to 1.

    11kv line pole to pole distance pdf

    Soden has been a freelance writer since He primarily writes sports articles but also enjoys writing about travel destinations, legal matters and electronics troubleshooting. By: J. Published: 26 March, More Articles.

    Home Sports Volleyball. About the Author. Photo Credits volleyball net with palm trees in the backgound image by jeff gynane from Fotolia.Facebook Twitter. Types of Electric poles: Hello Mr. First of all thanks for visiting my site. Now let us discuss the types of electric poles used in overhead transmission lines. In general, the line supports should have the following properties : High mechanical strength to withstand the weight of conductors and wind loads etc.

    Light in weight without the loss of mechanical strength. Cheap in cost and economical to maintain. Longer life. Easy accessibility of conductors for maintenance. The main objections to wooden supports are :. Steel poles: The steel poles are often used as a substitute for wooden poles. Moreover, they give a good outlook, require little maintenance and have good insulating properties. The figure shows RCC poles for the single and double circuit.

    The main difficulty with the use of these types of electric poles is the high cost of transport owing to their heavyweight. Tower footings are usually grounded by driving rods into the earth. In case there is a breakdown of one circuit, the continuity of supply can be maintained by the other circuit.

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    Comment below for any queries. Tags Power systems. You might like Show more. Gulzar said…. This is very good article which has in detail information regarding Types of electric poles in overhead transmission lines. This is also a good blog on electrical-engineering. I am very glad to read this article.

    Amarnath Reddy said…. Unknown said…. As per distribution systemit is 50 meters but it depends upon the location they lay the poles like if the ground is muddy or hilly etc. We can't fix to one number. I want to know completely about electric poles such as its desired properties, how the height of the pole are decided, the distance between the poles to be calculated etc.

    Can you suggest me or share some material you poses so it can be helpful for my thesis? Post a Comment. Previous Post Next Post.

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