• Mtg beginner strategy

    Mtg beginner strategy

    Magic: The Gathering Arenathe critically acclaimed version of the genre-defining trading card game, is now available on the Epic Games Store. MTG Arena makes the legendary card game more accessible than ever. It's free to play, teaches you how to play, and gives a helping hand during gameplay by automating all the rules. If you've been curious about Magicnow is the best time to jump in.

    This article is a guide for players who haven't jumped into MTG Arena yet. We're going to cover four topics:. MTG Arena starts you out with a collection to get you going. Open an account, and you'll start with hundreds of cards just for signing up—enough to play around with multiple strategies and upgrade your decks before you ever have to open a card pack.

    Additionally, read on below for some codes to get up to 18 additional packs, just because we like you. As you progress further into the game, unlock new decks, and add more powerful cards to your decks, you'll start facing more and more challenging opponents.


    There are a lot of resources that will teach you the decks and strategies to up your game. Here is a list of our top suggested resources. At any given time, there are multiple game modes to play in MTG Arenawith different levels of beginner friendliness. Here is the suggested list of the major play modes from easiest to hardest from a new-player standpoint.

    Here are the steps to add and challenge friends in the game. More features will continue to come to Friends List in to continue to build it out into a more social experience, including in-game Friends Chat. There's a lot to explore in Magic: The Gathering Arena. New card sets releasing every few months.

    New events to check out every week. A whole esports scene to qualify for in-game.

    mtg beginner strategy

    Once you've gotten the basics down, you'll find something to fit your style. We'll see you in game.In Magic the Gathering: Arena, there are 15 decks you get to unlock and play with at the beginning of the game. At the time of this article's writing, each deck is based on each of the Guilds from the plane of Ravnica. But which of these decks is actually useful, and which one is just glued together draft chaff?

    The deck has a little bit of everything you would need in a decent deck: early plays, some removal, and a solid bomb to finish the game. Alternatively, if your opponent has any important 1 toughness creatures on the board, Footlight Fiend essentially holds them hostage since, if the Fiend dies, then you can destroy that one toughness creature too. Turn 2, ideally, you want to play another creature and keep developing your board.

    Turn 3, push damage again and then play Spawn of Mayhem.

    mtg beginner strategy

    But this projectile hand spewing will also leave you with no answers for your opponent. I recommend you use your removal to get rid of bothersome blockers so your creatures can help you force bad trades on your opponent or just deal more damage.

    Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 24 Nov pm. BY: Chris N. So you've finally unlocked all of the Starter Decks. Which one do you use? Cult of Rakdos Ain't no party like a Rakdos party, cause at a Rakdos party everyone dies. Each of them performs a slightly different function. More on this topic: Magic: The Gathering Arena. As a coffee-powered typist, Chris is an expert at playing through caffeine-powered binges and writing about what happens during those binges.

    Gamer Since: Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories.Love opening Magic: The Gathering booster packs? Love building decks?

    Love playing complex games? Combine those three and you get Booster Draft, one of the most enduring and fun Magic formats around. But like any deep Magic format, things can be a little tricky for beginners. If you've never drafted before, you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll break down exactly what a Booster Draft is, how to do it, and how to be successful. Let's get started! In the drafting portion of a Booster Draft, your goal is to build the best deck possible from the cards within your given packs.

    That's it! Pass the rest to the player on your left. The player on your right will pass the rest of their cards to you. Now take your second pick from among the cards you've been passed. To start the draft, three to eight players sit down at a table preferably a round one.

    Each player receives three Magic booster packs. When everyone's ready, open your first pack, select any one card from within, then place that card face down in front of you. This is your first pick. Though it might seem daunting, the first pick is easier than one might think. You're trying to make the best deck you can, so simply select the best card in the pack. This card and any others you pick during the draft are yours to keep. Again, you're usually just taking the highest-quality card from those remaining in the pack.

    You might want to take something that matches the color of your first pick, but that's not essential at this stage. If you see something good, take it, no matter what color it is. Pass the rest to your left. Same process with your third pick, though now you'll want to pay closer attention to colors. Are there five green cards left in the pack and only one white card? This is one of the keys of Booster Draft—do your best to identify which colors are being drafted and which aren't.Drafting is one of the most fun and fair formats in magic, because each player gets an equal chance at the same cards, and is one of the only formats that is only based on skill instead of what cards […].

    MTG Arena Beginner's Guide: Growing Your Collection

    Magic the Gathering is not only game to play but it is also a collectible card game as well. However, collecting cards usually involves a lot of trading for cards you want, and it is very easy to lose a […]. Both new and old players alike can enjoy finding games to play with other […]. The number one way to win games of Magic is through having cards that are better than your opponents, and drawing into them by the time you need them.

    To draw into cards to win you the game, the best […]. If the collection came from beforethen there is a good chance you will see […].

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    If you are like many Magic players, dying before you even get the chance to cast your own big spells is an infuriating experience. However, after you […]. I hear you. You have to start somewhere, so choosing a theme and an archetype general deck type […]. Booster draft may be one of the most challenging — and is arguably the most fun — ways to play Magic: the Gathering. Welcome to Oshkosh Magic. The goal of this site is to provide introductory tips and strategy for aspiring Magic: the Gathering players.

    We hope you find this site valuable — feel free to reach out and contact us if you […]. How to Use Card Advantage to Win at Magic the Gathering The number one way to win games of Magic is through having cards that are better than your opponents, and drawing into them by the time you need them. How to Get Better at Drafting Booster draft may be one of the most challenging — and is arguably the most fun — ways to play Magic: the Gathering.

    Welcome to OshkoshMagic.Are you one of the many individuals like me having a blast while working to upgrade their MTG Arena collection? I really want to stress the importance of the tried and true nature of leveling up the good old fashion way! In fact, most of my opponents seem like reasonable players. These rewards come in many forms: cards, packs, gold, and most importantly preconstructed decks.

    You earn these rewards by winning games in open play where you are paired against players of similar rank. Not only is a deck 60 cards but they tend to have useful staples, including rares and mythics.

    Not all of the pre-constructed decks are good enough to play out of the box, but several of them are quite potent and get better with modification.

    mtg beginner strategy

    If you have the option to pick that one, I suggest it. The deck also demands that opponents have a plan, because if they are doing anything too slow, too fair, or too ineffective, the deck will simply run them over. These two decks, Merfolk and Vampires, are the metagame trend setters. Sweepers and removal are obviously very good against Swarm Tribal decks. Both decks I managed to cobble together based on cards that I either drafted or opened in preconstructed decks and prize packs.

    Oh, my god this card is absurd in focused red decks. Obviously, it takes a little while to get to the point where players have crafted enough wild cards to have playsets of Risk Factor and Rekindling Phoenixbut the more copies they have the harder they are to defeat. The deck is fun to play and quite powerful. The basic idea is to run your opponent out of cards with Disinformation Campaignand to have counterspells and Thief of Hope left over to lock them out of the game.

    Drafting is also a great way to build decks to play with.

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    Dimir, Boros, and Izzet all lend themselves to solid strategies. All things considered, the MTG Arena metagame is interesting, even at the lower starter tier. You can pretty much play whatever strategy you prefer or the best cards you open. Do any of you have any sweet starter brews or great metagame choices for the early stages of Arena?

    Feel free to share those in the comments.

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    April 16 Update: Due to a recently discovered printing error, the three Japanese exclusive Godzilla Series cards collector number,will not be …. Skip to content. Creatures 1 x Doom Whisperer 3 x Thief of Sanity. Buy This List. Share this. Tags: ArenaBeginner's Metagame.Welcome back to Building on a Budget!

    I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Everyone was busy submitting decks for me to play deck doctor with, that's for sure! I've received a ton of decklists, but instead of delving straight into doctoring one particular deck, I'm going to take a look at the Building end of this column.

    Before I get started, I want to thank everyone for sending in their decks. There were a ton of great ideas out there, and I'll be doctoring several individual decks in the weeks to come. Today's column deals with the five pitfalls that people fall into when deckbuilding. If I use your deck in today's column, please please please do not be offended. This does not mean your deck is bad — it simply means that it is a good example of a particular problem I want to discuss.

    Before I tinkered with other people's decks, I thought it would be nice to show some of the rules I use when building my own decks. Second, there were several fundamental problems that reared their ugly heads repeatedly across multiple decks. By explaining these problems en mass, I can help the greatest number of people tune their decks.

    MTG Deck Building Guide – 9 Tips To Win More Games

    The mana base in your deck serves a very important purpose — it enables you to cast your spells for the game. Without a good mana base, your deck will not perform Let's look at three separate decks that were submitted in the forums. Make sure you deck has enough lands and mana sources to support the spells you want to cast.

    There is a huge temptation to try to cut lands to get more spells into your deck, but this makes the deck prone to getting mana screwed. Imagine running a deck with sixty good spells and no lands — you'd lose every game! Sure, your draw would look amazing each game — but without the ability to cast any cards in your hand, it'd be over for you.

    In the case of this deck, I'd cut a couple of the support cards HumbleAncestral MaskSerra's Embrace for more Elves to capitalize on Priest of Titania and for more lands.

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    Adding three Elfhame Palace s and four Elves to this deck would do wonders to stabilize its mana base. This deck ends curving at three mana — and the average cost of the spells in this deck is only two mana.For Magic: The Gatheringstrategy is defined as "a repeatable sequence of behaviors that leads to a predictable result". To employ a linear strategy means that you're entirely focused on one goal or theme.

    On the other hand, a strategy can be multipurpose. The first step of creating a strategy is to choose a deck Archetype. Then, to make use of tempo and card advantage to win the game. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Articles on strategy [ edit edit source ] Scott Johns September 30, Wizards of the Coast. Jeff Cunningham May 05, Jeff Cunningham May 12, Aaron Forsythe February 16, Jeff Cunningham May 19, Jeff Cunningham July 07, Jeff Cunningham July 14, Jeff Cunningham July 21, Jeff Cunningham July 28, Patrick Chapin January 12, Mike Flores January 27, Mike Flores April 28, Reid Duke December 29, Reid Duke March 23, Reid Duke March 30, Reid Duke May 4, Gavin Verhey November 10, Gavin Verhey August 24, Gavin Verhey October 11, Gavin Verhey October 24, Category : Magic theory.

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