• Twilight fanfiction kidnapped

    Twilight fanfiction kidnapped

    Story Author Community Forum. Vampire Diaries 1.

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians Supernatural Maximum Ride Vampire Diaries Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Inuyasha Naruto Charmed Vampire Academy Doctor Who True Blood Hunger Games Avengers Glee Mortal Instruments Originals Host Teen Wolf X-Men: The Movie House of Night NCIS H2O: Just Add Water Gossip Girl Criminal Minds Vampire Knight Lord of the Rings Hellsing Fullmetal Alchemist I always hated walking alone. Made me feel, vulnerable. Though for some strange reason I found it easier to bare with under the cover of darkness, like I could hide in the shadows.

    There was no reason for my fear, I had never been raped, never been mugged, yet I still feared it. I was heading back to my flat after a rather wild party, and though I was exhausted from the dancing and boozing I still felt exhilarated. I hadn't drunk much, yet I still felt slightly tipsy, and my head felt kind of dizzy. I had dressed up, nice leather boots, skinny jeans and a revealing top, but wasn't as stupid as to not bring a coat. The streets were empty, just how I liked it, and though the cold bit deep into you I thought it kind of nice.

    Two streets. Just two streets I reminded myself. I inhaled deeply, remembering the kiss that had happened just hours ago. It seemed a life time. Mark Davis, a cute boy just a year older than me I'm seventeen by the wayI had fancied him for ages. And now he had kissed me! It could have been the drink but I didn't care, I loved the way his mouth moved against mine, how his tongue curled over mine. For a brief second I could see his dark hair falling over his eyes, a pale, perfect face.

    I quickly lowered my eyes, not want to be caught staring. Though I did have another quick peek, he had an unbelievingly handsome face. My heart throbbed, he was so well mannered to.

    He had to be my dads age at least, in his early thirties or something. I grinned quietly to myself. I stepped closer, so he could hear me better and began to speak. I never got the rest of the sentence out.

    The car door swung open and I felt his hand grab my wrist. In seconds he had dragged me through the door and into the passenger seat.Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Welcome Guest Please login or register If you have registered and haven't received your activation email then please contact us to activate your account.

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    Pages: I'm Ellachanted and I'm a fanfic-oholic. Join in the fun! Continuation of our wonderful discussions on Twilight Fanfiction, Books, and Life in general. But mostly Twilight fanfics Okay, here is a place to discuss what you are reading, ask for recommendations and complain about the writing. My completed Calibre library: You are not allowed to view links.

    The following users thanked this post: LoopymichangelinaTricklemilovethisplaceEacallthewaypizpiretaBookedlamelurkerTrueFanVMaggieIsabella whitlock2SweetkissyRogue GalBean28avonluxfeujesbrandileighbluerosesyb7QueenShondaDevanshi 69fictionfreak You are not allowed to view links. The following users thanked this post: Ellachanted. I am looking for stories where Bella or Edward are not a part of the modern world.

    They live in a different community. I am also looking for stories where Charlie and Renee find out that Bella and the Cullens are vampires. I am also looking for stories where Edward is a teacher and Bella is a student. Bella could also be a teacher and Edward is a student. Maybe in foster care, or in the Mafia or being kidnapped together I don't care, but they grew up together in their teens years at least in a hostile environnement.

    And the story don't have to happen at that time, they could meet again years later. The following users thanked this post: ClemHi guys! It is an AH fic and in a high school set up. Bree is younger than bella and edward. She helped them to get back together. Thats it. Hope you guys can help me. Like Like. Comment by certifiedflirt April 14, Reply. He takes her to a meadow or something similar and has sex with her, without her knowing he is a vampire.

    She somehow breaks her leg and Edward takes her to the forest to protect her while the battle is happening. Comment by Stephanie Baptiste April 10, Reply. Comment by alisonactually April 10, Reply. Jasper is involved in a car accident and wakes up in hospital and has amnesia.

    Any good twilight fanfics about Bella being kidnapped on Fanfiction.net?

    Comment by kaa35 April 6, Reply. He goes to a museum or art gallery and meets Bella. Edward is the product of an affair Carlisle had, grandma Cullen is bitter until she meets Bella.

    And Emmett thinks Rosalie is a drag queen.

    Vanished! a twilight Fanfiction

    Comment by Ash April 5, Reply. Comment by alisonactually April 5, Reply. Hello friends! Comment by paintonme April 4, Reply. There is humor too.Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight, but I own this plot. Don't make me send some thirsty newborns on you. The concert starts in half a bloody hour!

    God you are such a slow driver. But her words were indeed true. Alice, Rose and myself were about to go to a late night concert and I think we were running low on fuel. The road was practically empty but our truck sure wasn't going to let us get up and over the speed limit, the dimmed down headlights were only making my task harder as I squinted ever so slightly to see ahead. This was a bad habit that she had picked up long ago, but Alice and I had learned the hard way not to say anything more about it; my teeth grated together and I forced myself to look away.

    That shit takes about half an hour in itself to get through.

    twilight fanfiction kidnapped

    Fucking icicle roads. But I loved her all the same, these girls were like freaking sisters to me. My sight flicked to the mirror as I the road ahead of us lit up ever so slightly, meaning we were no longer alone.

    twilight fanfiction kidnapped

    Indeed there I saw three huge, black Range Rovers coming up fast. My breathe caught, Rose's words finally making a little bit of sense to me, and I let out a low whistle.

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    We had met about ten years ago I think, the very first day of High School. The three of us were all new and we had run into each other in the lunch cue, immediately finding a piece of solace that none of us knew what the hell we were doing We had even moved in together last year, sadly we were still in the early stages of renovating. Personally I thought it would be so much easier if we got another roommate to help pay the rent, but Alice said- "Woah, Bells look out!

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    My eyes flashed back to the road and I swerved the steering wheel right in order not to hit the lamp post in front of us. My heart started thudding at an alarming rate as I held my breathe, the only sounds were the light screams from my friends and the unmissable screeching of the tires as the truck came to a stop by the side of the road.

    My frantic breathing slowed as my grip on the steering wheel loosened, the sounds of the three perfectly stable cars passing us bringing me back to the over whelming reality. Thank god she was wearing a seat belt, her feet could have gone through the glass I couldn't help but smile at how lucky we were, and how I was never going to let her forget the whole 'feet-on-dashboard' incident, silently making me the victor of the argument we had been having ever since we bought the Chevy.

    Alice suddenly started laughing hysterically at the craziness of it all, at first I simply stared at her, mouth open; but Alice is infectious and soon even Rose had managed to unbuckle herself from her frozen state and we had all joined in the hysteria of it for a minute or two. There was no resisting her charm. She had tears streaming down her eyes as she too shifted her weight and un-clipped her belt, the only thing restraining her from going completely crazy. We were so caught up in the moment we didn't notice that the three cars had stopped.

    That the doors to those cars had opened. That about ten of the most beautiful men were walking towards us at that very second, not caring who we were, what we were like, or anything about us.All Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyers, no infringement intended.

    This is my disclaimer for the whole story. I'm not fond of mass quantities of notes, and you probably aren't, either, so this chapter and the last will be all there is. You're welcome. Dollybigmomma is my awesome Beta for this and all my stories, and she also wrote the prologue, because she thought you needed to be pulled in, before we dove into our tale. She's just awesome like that. She also wrote most of the kitty antics you'll read in later chapters, because she's the kitty whisperer. Attempted rape in the prologue here, though nothing graphic happens.

    Of course, you know I would never let that happen to Bella, so breathe a sigh of relief. If you're sensitive to the subject, though, just skip it and go down to chapter one below. You should be fine from there. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to review as you go!

    twilight fanfiction kidnapped

    Port Angeles was a beautiful city by day, but by late evening, I couldn't help but find it growing eerie, as the chilly wind whipped around me. The sounds of the bay in the distance echoed off the buildings, as I walked alone after dinner, looking forward to visiting my favorite used bookstore, before heading back to my little efficiency. The restaurant I had chosen tonight, Cherry Blossoms, was a welcome break and a real treat from my usual nightly choices of ramen or a can of tuna, and a cup of canned fruit with my yogurt.

    Yeah, being a college freshman on a very tight budget limited my dining choices substantially. Being the quiet and shy person I was also limited my dinner company. Actually, it more like negated it. But, I found companionship in a good book I was finishing, while I enjoyed my bowl of hot and sour soup and an eggroll.

    Hey, it was what I could afford on my monthly splurge. Once a month, I allowed myself a nice dinner out and the acquisition of a new book, which was where I was headed next.

    After spending almost an hour locating something suitable to read, I made my purchase and headed back out into the evening. The sun had completely gone down now, and most of the stores and businesses had closed.

    I hadn't realized it was getting that late. I picked up my pace, pulling my jacket up more snugly around my thin body, as the wind had also picked up, and the temperature had dropped a good fifteen degrees over the course of the evening. My apartment building was just a few blocks away, and I could begin to hear the sounds of other Peninsula College students, as they entertained and socialized, their music and laughter floating on the night air. I turned down the alley I always cut through to get to my building, since my apartment was on the back of the complex.

    My building backed up to a row of clubs that were popular with many of the students, but I avoided them religiously, because one, I was still under-aged at barely nineteen, and two, a couple of them were known to attract trouble. I had been fortunate never to have had a problem with any of the loiterers, but tonight, my luck had run out.

    As I approached the stairwell for my unit, five men stepped out of the shadows. The smell wafting off their bodies suggested they had spent the better part of the day consuming enough alcohol to reduce their collective IQ to less than the average lone caveman. By the looks on their faces as I attempted to walk past them, I would rather have taken my chances with the caveman. A little kitty lost in the alley.I also need you guys to tell me if I should continue it so yea. It was her 18th birthday and of course the ever exuberant Alice had insisted on throwing her an extravagant birthday party.

    Alice came bounding forward. She handed Bella a square-shaped box wrapped in pink, which was from her and an envelope, which was from Emmett and Rosalie as they were going out. The box was a digital camera and the envelope had tickets to Florida, which was where Bella's mother lived.

    The party was exceptionally planned and was really cool. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, but Bella, not being a party type of person, grew tired after a few hours. Love you," she said and with a quick kiss on the cheek she went off with her boyfriend, Jasper. Bella walked out of the apartment and down into the street. She walked as she fished through her purse for her phone to call a cab. Bella thought she heard footsteps behind her, so she quickened her pace.

    The night was cold and deadly silent, not one person in sight.

    twilight fanfiction kidnapped

    Bella immediately regretted leaving the party alone. Bella was near an alleyway when suddenly the footsteps gained on her and a man placed an arm around her waist and a hand over her mouth.

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    Bella screamed into the hand and thrashed around wildly. The man placed his mouth right over Bella's ear. Just be good and I won't hurt you," a smooth velvety voice warned. Just then a car pulled up in the alley way and 3 men came out.

    They assessed the sight in front of the before one of then said in a teasing tone. With that he advanced on Bella, gave her a, what Bella thought was a look of sympathy before he pressed a spot on Bella's neck and knocked her out.

    Please review and tell me if it's worth continuing 'cause I'm not sure it is. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Twilight. On her 18th Birthday, Bella Swan is kidnapped by an extremely good-looking man who claims he loves her.

    Will she get away from this man or will she fall in love with him? Kidnapped Isabella Swan sighed as she made her way to her best friend, Alice's, apartment. Happy birthday!


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